Easy-to-relocate transportable buildings using Insulated Panel Systems are container and insulated panel type. Can be configured to suit any application such as base-station shelter to house sensitive electronic or telecommunication equipment, kitchen, diner, accommodation, office, recreation facilities, ablution, laundry room, freezer, chillers, etc.

The Insulated Panel Type, suits to all modular building applications, is easily extended to cater for future project growth, as well as able to be dismantled and relocated. Base options can be prefab steel base frame or concrete slab. It is a cost effective solution for uncomplicated building requirements. The Container Type is very robust building based on standard shipping container. It can be positioned on simple pre engineering footings and moved by forklift, crane or truck. It is a perfect solution where immediate occupancy is required. Insulated Systems are used for insulated wall and ceiling as well as for swing and sliding doors. The panels are built based on modules and sent to sites using containers. The panels were also used for high-rise dormitory.