Building cost of  Insulated Systems may be about half of the conventional building cost. Slip Joint®, our simple but effective interlocking panel system, provide fast assembly erection and shorter construction time. It ensures panel to joint strongly and tightly to each other, reduces sound pollution, footing size and also might eliminate support structure. The advantage of using Insulated Systems from construction point of views are:

- Panels are manufactured according to customer’s need and order based on building structure,

- During installation, panels can be adjusted according to building structure,

- Easy adjustment using the same panels if customers would like to change the design of the room,

- All gaps between extrusion, panel and glass will be sealed with sealant to structurally strengthen support structure,

- Flexible during earth quake,

- Able to be used for high-rise building,

- Easy to transport and install,

- Small construction load, start at 12kg/m³ depended on the type of insulation material used, which resulted to

- Less construction cost.